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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 with 4K photo and 4K video plus Depth from Defocus features

Perhaps you have a plan for holiday or honeymoon in the near future, then you definitely need a versatile camera, and that's what you get from prosumer cameras. This compact camera models, even equipped superzoom lens, so it does not have to bother with photography equipment. You could choose a new camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80, also known as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60. 

Panasonic Lumix TZ series is very popular among the other Panasonic cameras. This camera is replacing the throne of the TZ70. Panasonic Lumix TZ-80 is equipped with a high-end LEICA lens with 30x Zoom versatility in pocketable body (24-720mm), for performance that far outweighs its compact body. 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60, 4K photo, 4k video recording, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer,
Panasonic DMC-TZ80. Image:

The camera allows you to get closer to the action, without disturbing the subject – perfect for pictures and videos of wildlife, or more natural shots of family or friends.

The DMC-TZ80 has an 18 million pixel sensor, also equipped with touchscreen controls, 4K video capture, fast autofocus, image stabilisation, mode dial and lens control ring for easy adjustment and functionality. Other upgrades include a new Venus engine, Light Speed AF (autofocus) with DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology and 4K photo functions.

With a 30x zoom range, the Lumix DMC-TZ70 is the ideal camera for the trip, which would have been nice to use while on vacation. With the support 4K feature, you can create a landscape photo with the results of a very detailed, sharp and brilliant. Panasonic also claims, the TZ80’s 4K video capability enables you to record and relive all those special moments in the very highest quality. With four times the resolution of Full HD, videos reproduce the breathtaking colour and detail of every scene.

The TZ-80 also has P/A/S/M modes, as well as automatic, creative, scene, panoramic and a slot for a custom group of settings. Therefore, you can maximize the camera to create a variety of creative photo with amazing results. 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60, 4K photo, 4k video recording, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer,

Panasonic DMC-TZ80. Image:

This camera also has buil-in Wi-Fi, meaning you can remotely control it, or send photos you've already taken across to be shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and other future social network. Another special features; a free app can be downloaded for Android and iOS, and the good news is that it gives you lots of control over the camera itself.

The DMC-TZ80 has DFD technology which is designed to speed up focusing. Focusing speeds are very quick in all but the very darkest of conditions, and it's rare for a false confirmation of focus to be displayed. The new Venus engine also seems to facilitate very quick operational times, with a very short shot-to-shot time.

With a variety of unique features embedded in Panasonic Lumix TZ-80 is very supportive for the holidays or traveling, and because it uses high-end lenses made by Leica, the camera will be a competitor to other prosumer camera. As we all know Nikon, Olympus, Canon or Casio has flooded the market with various models of prosumer cameras, targeting travelers. Compact camera is also great to use for everyday use, street photography, as well as to create a portrait of your girlfriend or your children.

Panasonic FZ1000 prosumer camera, a bridge to DSLR

In the midst of fierce competition among mirrorless camera with DSLR cameras, Panasonic apparently remained consistent to develop the kind of prosumer digital camera. That's why Panasonic launched the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. It could be said that this camera is a blend of super-zoom bridge camera with quality in all aspects, especially the picture quality and a variety of features to produce photographs and excellent video quality, and FZ1000 answer these challenges, other brands can also be a rival.

It turns out that Panasonic has succeeded in getting the recipe and the solution: bright and high-quality optics, large 1-inch sensor. Not to mention the ability to shoot 4K video and the focus DFD which debuted on mirrorless Panasonic GH4. The Lumix FZ1000 exhibits very good results in absolute terms, which may well be considered to be excellent if we take into account that originate in a compact fixed lens.

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is a new family of superzoom cameras with fixed lens features a generously sized sensor (1 inch, as the direct rival Sony RX10). The FZ1000 is an ideal compromise between critical factors and in some ways opposites such as focal length, sensor size and optics. It uses a generous 1-inch sensor.
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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. Image:
The FZ1000 is armed with the latest generation of advanced features, such as support for 4K video, and the system focus DFD, that exceeds the most obvious focus for phase detection. In fact, in many respects closely resembles the mirrorless GH4 the same Panasonic, which, for a compact, is not just a virtue. 

The Lumix FZ1000 is also equipped with a generous resolution of 20.1 megapixel, and and of course and of course, Panasonic remain loyal to give you a high-quality lens from Germany, a Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 1: 2.8-4 / 9.1-146mm ASPH, 16x zoom equivalent to 25-400mm, with a maximum aperture of f / 2.8-4. Anyway, Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is a superzoom prosumer camera. 

If you are a photographer who wants to transform into a professional filmmaker or videographer, the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is the right tool for you. Why? The two most striking are the ability to shoot video Ultra HD 4K 25p (or Full HD video up to 100 fps) and the technology focus DFD (Depth From Defocus) . Two significant changes that have debuted on the little mirrorless GH4, and is now calling on a compact, at a price even more attractive: the list is about a little less than 900 Euro, but is already online at about 750 Euro.

The FZ1000 is based on a new CMOS sensor 20.1 Mpixels and 1 inch diagonal , which characterizes enormously this product. It is over 4 times larger than the classical 1 / 2.3 "typical compact / bridge, so it is expected that the signal / noise ratio much more favorable, as compared to the Micro Four Thirds format mirrorless Panasonic, the area is useful almost halved (about 1.8 times lower). The new quad-core Venus Engine, which provides the power needed for sophisticated processing noise, allows the FZ1000 to offer a maximum sensitivity of 12,800 native ISO , which can reach ISO 25,600 extension.
kamera prosumer, prosumer camera, Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 vs Sony RX10, 4k video recording, Full HD video, bridge camera, prosumer camera vs DSLR, superzoom camera,
Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 vs Sony RX10. Image:
The most credible rival the Lumix FZ1000 today is the Sony RX10, which is also based on 1-inch CMOS sensor and 20 megapixels of resolution (20.2, to be exact). The Sony model provides an aperture f / 2.8 constant, but with a zoom range which is only (about) half: 24-200mm equivalent. 

In addition, the most recent Panasonic is more powerful, has a higher resolution viewfinder display and a rear articulated more flexible, 4K video, and costs less. The Sony model is offered today at $ 999, and about 100 Euro gap on the price list are retained on the street price. What do you think?
If you are looking for a new prosumer camera with 4K video recording capability, the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is the right choice. The Lumix FZ1000 is a new bridge, from compact-system camera into a DSLR camera. By having this camera, you do not need to carry a heavy DSLR camera, and has a large size. It is obvious that prosumer camera is the right choice for adventure and holiday around the world, and convenient to use for social and business events.

Finding the best prosumer camera

prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, superzoom camera, bridge camera, new prosumer, sony prosumer, canon prosumer, olympus prosumer,
Panasonic Lumix FZ200. Image:
It is true that not everyone needs a DSLR camera for everyday photography or to take a vacation. As we understand it, a DSLR camera has a big body and certainly heavy to carry comfortably. Moreover DSLR cameras are more expensive than the prosumer or compact camera. However, you can choose a DSLR camera with a light body and smaller than similar cameras, such as Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (Kiss X7) or EOS 100D.

Prosumer cameras often referred to as a bridge (bridge camera) that connects between compact cameras with DSLR cameras. If you want to have a prosumer camera, then you need to consider several factors before you make a decision, are as follows:

Fujifilm S9400W prosumer camera with a superzoom lens

If you're looking for a prosumer camera with a superzoom lens or megazoom, in addition to the Olympus Stylus SP-100, you can choose Fujifilm S9400W. Keep in mind also, that Fujifilm has released three cameras recorded optical camera zomm large enough bersamaa the S9400W, S8600 and S9200, so you have a complete comparison when you are going to buy a camera to accompany you on vacation, without having to carry a DSLR camera which is usually heavy and expensive.
DSLR camera, Fujifilm S9400W, superzoom camera, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, Wi-Fi built-in, new prosumer,
Fujifilm S9400W with Fujifilm S9200. Image:
If you look carefully, Fujifilm S9400W performed with a body like a professional DSLR camera. The Fujifilm S9400W boasts a 50x zoom lens covers a 35mm equivalent roomates focal range of 24-1200mm and features a 3-stop lens-shift image stabilization. 

With the type CMOS sensors up to 16.4 megapixel resolution, making this camera is capable of producing sharp images and has a fairly good detail. Thanks to support optical zoom which can enlarge up to 50 times, then we can memofoto objects with large distances without reducing the quality of the resulting image. For those who like to shoot at shorter distances, it could use a 1cm macro feature (o, 39 "), so you can take pictures of flowers in the garden, or butterfly-cousin who was perched on a blooming flower.

Do you want to make a movie or a video clip? Fujifilm FinePix S9400W is able to be used to record video in high resolution. He is also capable of video recording in a choice of the resolution 1280 x 960 pixels at 60fps, 640 x 480pixel resolution images at 30fps and a maximum of 1920 x 1080pixel, however Fujifilm FinePix S9400W only provides H.264 format, but you have to get the video in Full HD resolution in stereo sound.

Fujifilm S9400W include a 1/2.3-inch 16.4 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, a 3-inch 460k-dot LCD monitor, 201k-dot electronic viewfinder, and 5-Axial image stabilisation. If you want to make a rapid sequence of photos, the FinePix S9400W has features to capture images quickly and continuously. This camera features continuous speed at speeds up to 10 fps. For cahanya sensitivity, Fujifilm FinePix camera S9400W is able to work on an ISO range of 100 to 12800.
Fujifilm S9400W, superzoom camera, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, Wi-Fi built-in, new prosumer,
Fujifilm S9400W with Wi-Fi connectivity. Image:
As a modern prosumer camera, you will enjoy using Fujifilm S9400W because you can easily transfer images wirelessly from the FinePix S9400W to your smartphone or tablet after installing the free FUJIFILM Camera Application app. 

The S9400W has been equipped prosumer Wi-Fi connectivity, even there are no troublesome ID and password settings. All you need to do is press the MENU button on the back of the camera then add the images instantly to your blog or share them with friends through social network sites such as Twitter or Facebook and Instagram. You can also use the FinePix S9400W's built-in Wi-Fi to save your photos to your PC, so you no longer need to connect the cable as the other cameras that do not have Wi-Fi.

Fujifilm S9400W compare with other prosumer camera
Fujifilm S9400W, superzoom camera, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, Wi-Fi built-in, new prosumer,
Fujifilm S9400W vs other superzoom camera in 2014. Image:
Fujifilm S9400W closest competitor is the Canon PowerShot SX510 HS is a small superzoom camera with a 30x zoom lens. You can also compare S9400W with other famous cameras such as Kodak PixPro AZ521. This new camera from Kodak is a superzoom camera features a massive 52x zoom lens with a focal range of 24 - 1248mm. Other highlights of the affordable Kodak AZ521 include a 3 inch LCD screen, full 1080p HD movies , and a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor. That will blow you away is the Nikon Coolpix P600, Nikon also a prosumer camera that is equipped with an incredible 60x zoom lens. The Nikon P600 also has a back illuminated 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, 3  inch 921K dot vari angle LCD screen, full 1080p high-definition movies with stereo sound and built- in Wi-Fi connectivity.

In addition to Kodak and Canon, you can also compare Fujifilm S9400W with prosumer cameras with super zoom lenses like the Nikon P600, the Panasonic Lumix DMC - FZ72 super zoom camera, which is also known as the DMC - FZ70. Like the Nikon P600, Panasonic DMC - FZ70 it also features a massive 60x zoom lens with a focal range of 20 - 1200mm. Apparently the camera manufacturers increasingly compete in a prosumer camera enthusiast indulgent, even Sony's even crazier, because you will be astonished at the range of the zoom on the Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-H400, a compact an incredible superzoom camera with a 63x zoom lens. Wow.

Canon 1200D vs. Nikon D3300 tough competition in the entry-level camera

Canon EOS 1200D is steal the attention of photographers, as did the Nikon D3300 has unique features and great color depth, but the Pentax K-500 could be a real alternative for novice photographers who are looking for best entry-level camera.

If you want to have a new entry-level cameras in the DSLR category is not only a monopoly Canon or Nikon. You can still glance at mirrorless cameras with DSLR capabilities, you can even enjoy the unique comfort, because mirrorless cameras are generally smaller than DSLR cameras, and of course lighter, so convenient to carry go anywhere, also for a long vacation. Meanwhile, prosumer cameras are also interesting to be a concern, because prosumer camera has been equipped with a super zoom lens or ultra-zoom, so you do not have to bother with additional lenses, then wherever you go is definitely more fun.

Well, if you still insist on choosing a DSLR camera, then you can compare the Canon EOS 1200D or Nikon D3300; you can even compare the two cameras with Pentax K-500. All three cameras have great features, fantastic processor and lens support or interesting features, and all cameras have APS-C sized sensors. The Canon’s is just a millimeter or so smaller than the others, but it's not enough to make any significant difference. Is the difference in size will also affect your decision?

entry-level DSLR, Nikon D3300, Canon EOS 1200D, Pentax K-500, NIkon VS Canon, Canon vs Pentax, new DSLR camera, Full HD video, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, mirrorless camera,
Nikon D3300. Image:
Is the resolution size, or the size of the sensor will also make you confused when choosing a new digital camera? 

Nikon D3300 has 24 megapixels, the Canon EOS 1200 reinforced with 18 megapixels, while the Pentax K-500 "only" equipped with 16 megapixels. Please note, the size of the resolution is in fact not everything, because many digital cameras only have 10 MP or 12 MP, as well as modern smartphones have been able to provide good photographs with a resolution of 5MP or 8MP. If you are not going to print your photographs or posters in giant size, then a camera with a resolution of about 10 MP has been very good to produce interesting photographs with the sharpness and brilliant color.

There is always a logical reason when you choose Canon or Nikon. In the famous website, Canon 1200D gets credit  because has a two-stage shutter is good for taking photos like a pro; apply pressure to the button in order for the lens to focus, and then press it fully to capture the photograph. Meanwhile, still according to the same website, one of the main reasons why many people choose Nikon D3300 because D3300 has 2 more focus points, 11 points, while the Canon 1200D is only 9, and Pentax K-500 has the same number of autofocus points as the Nikon, but 9 of them are superior cross-type sensors. 
Nikon D3300, Canon EOS 1200D, Pentax K-500, NIkon VS Canon, Canon vs Pentax, new DSLR camera, Full HD video, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, mirrorless camera,
Canon EOS 1200D. Image:

Just for your information; The more the focus points more flexibility in picking which part of the scene to focus on. They also give the image sensor is a better probability in identifying the right area of the scene to focus on in more automatic modes.

Nikon D3300 or Canon 1200D will make you calmer because these cameras use lens-based image stabilization systems. Both kits come with stabilized lenses, and many of their lenses that have been reinforced with stabilizer technology, so you do not have to worry when photographing moving subjects or take pictures in low light conditions, even under certain conditions you can ignore the tripod, so you are more comfortable when on holiday.

Although Nikon and Canon are gigantic and superior in terms of marketing, but Pentax is an alternative worth considering. Nikon D3300 and K-500 have 921,000-dot screens, though, where the Canon's screen has 460,000 dots. Basically the sharpness of the screen on all the cameras already quite bright, but displays the Nikon and Pentax will look crisper. If you are fond of photographing objects in fast motion, then the Pentax K-500 can shoot at 1/6000sec while Nikon D3300 and Canon 1200D at 1/4000sec. Meanwhile, the Canon EOS 1200D can shoot continuously as much as 3 frames per second, and as an entry-level camera Nikon D3300 turned out to be 5 frames per second, but the Pentax K-500 was able to take pictures in 6 frames per second in a single snap. 
Nikon D3300, Canon EOS 1200D, Pentax K-500, NIkon VS Canon, Canon vs Pentax, new DSLR camera, Full HD video, prosumer camera, kamera prosumer, mirrorless camera,
                               Are you going to get confused to choose one of them? Image:

Nikon D3300, Pentax K-500 and Canon EOS 1200 could equally be used to create video clips or movies with a resolution of 1080p or Full-HD, but the D3300 has great color depth, 24.3 bits, so you'll get crisp impressions movie, especially when you turn on the HDTV.

Among the three sophisticated cameras, the Canon EOS 1200 is newer than the Nikon D3300 and Pentax K-500, but to choose a camera does not always have to choose the latest. There are other considerations you need to think about, for example, in terms of features and comfort, and of course the price of the product that you will buy.

In making a decision, you do not always have to rely on reviews on various websites, but you have to know your most important needs. Perhaps the forums about DSLR cameras can be a reference before you choose one of the advanced cameras mentioned above, or you immediately go reliable camera shops in your city. You will have the opportunity to touch and try out Nikon, Canon or Pentax and other camera that probably will change your idea of a camera.

Nikon Coolpix S6800 with 18 scene modes plus built-in Wi-Fi

If you're looking for a new digital camera with a small size with powerful features, the Nikon Coolpix S6800 is the right choice. The S6800 is a very compact camera which a number of advanced features, including an effective pixel count of 16.0-million pixels, a 12x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 25mm to 300mm range of angles of view (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format), Dynamic Fine Zoom, which supports digital zoom up to 24x without compromising the high-resolution.

This camera also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi function that enables simple connection to smart devices. Photos can be easily shared with family and friends, or uploaded to blogs or social networking sites (SNS) such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Pinterest, and many more.
 In addition, the display on a smartphone, tablet, or other smart device can be used to frame images and control shooting remotely. Full HD movie shooting is available and advanced Glamour Retouch makes great portraits perfect. By tilting vertically or panning horizontally360°/180° panoramas can be captured and high speed continuous shooting is available.
Nikon Coolpix S6800, new nikon camera, prosumer camera, digital camera, Wi-Fi, scene modes, creative pictures, Full HD video, anti shake
Nikon Coolpix S6800 in red. Image:
Nikon S6800 has a 3.0-inch LCD monitor and 18 scene modes. It is also equipped with a number of functions that make capturing beautiful images simple, including support for recording of 1080/60i movies with superior picture quality from four-axis vibration reduction, and a number of image retouch options, including twelve Glamour Retouch effects.

Don’t forget to maximize the 18 Scene Modes, including Beach, Snow, Night Portrait, and Sunset and more, it's easy to match the moment to a Scene Mode. You can even get creative and use Scene Modes to alter ordinary shots. If you are in a situation that does not allow you to set up these features, then you can use Scene Auto Selector and let the camera choose the best mode for your situation. 

Nikon S6800 will make you more creative so you can enjoy your activities as a photographer with an easier way. The COOLPIX S6800 performs so well in low light situations that, in most cases, using the flash is optional. When the lighting is extremely poor and you need a flash, it'll be there. You won't have to interrupt a moment to capture it, and your photos will look more natural and true to your memory. The camera is also equipped with a Hybrid VR (Vibration Reduction), if you enable this feature then it will combat camera shake for sharp steady home movies. After that you can watch your videos on a television camera or on your HDTV.
Nikon Coolpix S6800, new nikon camera, prosumer camera, digital camera, Wi-Fi, scene modes, creative pictures, Full HD video, anti shake
Nikon Coolpix S6800 with other new Nikon camerasImage:
Before you decide to buy this camera, you can see the equivalent camera , such as the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS, Casio Exilim EX-10, Panasonic TZ60 that has an 18-million-pixel sensor, and Kodak AZ651 that equipped with 65x zoom capability. It is not easy to choose a new camera to accompany your holiday or other activities, but the presence of the Nikon S6800 can be your consideration in this 2014. This camera has the ability to say that you found on Prosumer cameras. The Coolpix S6800 will be available in four colors: red, black, white and pink from 13 February 2014 with an RRP of £199.99.

Samsung WB1100F a new prosumer camera with Digital Image Stabilization

Samsung WB1100F hadir untuk penggemar kamera Prosumer

Discover a new promuser digital camera from South Korea,  smart camera with a 16.2 megapixel CCD image sensor, the Samsung WB1100F offers a sensitivity range of ISO 80 to 3200 equivalents. This new bridge camera is equipped with 35x optical zoom lens with a 25mm-equivalent wide angle, and a telephoto equivalent in the region of 875mm, and built-in Wi-Fi wireless networking with support for remote live view, and NFC for easy setup with Android devices.
Samsung WB1100F, prosumer camera, digital image stabilization, superzoom camera, NFC, Wi-Fi, smartphone, tablet, new camera, new prosumer, creative filter, smart camera
New Samsung WB1100F in red. Image:
Samsung awal 2014 ini menghadirkan Samsung WB1100F kamera prosumer bergaya DSLR. Kamera ini memiliki kemampuan zoom optical hingga 35x dengan lensa wide-angle 25mm, sehingga membuat pengguna lebih dekat dengan objek yang jauh.  Layar LCD pada Samsung WB1100F juga lebih besar yaitu berukuran 3 inci. Kamera superzoom ini juga didukung sistem peredam getar Dual OIS yang dipadukan dengan sistem peredam getar digital DIS (Digital Image Stabilization), sehingga anda akan terbebas dari hasil foto yang bergoyang.

Samsung WB1100F juga dilengkapi konektivitas Wi-Fi dan NFC yang mendukung beragam fitur canggih Samsung seperti Tag & Go yang mengandalkan NFC, Photo Beam, Auto Share, Remote View Finder dan Mobile Link. Dengan fitur ini pengguna dengan mudah mentransfer photo dan video ke perangkat lain seperti smartphone, tablet ataupun PC.  Dengan fitur "Tag & Go",  maka anda bisa mengirim photo ke perangkat smartphone atau tablet berbasis Android hanya dengan satu sentuhan.

Pastikan pula untuk memanfaatkan fitur SMART Mode: Beauty Face, Action Freeze, Sunset, Landscape, Silhouette, Fireworks, Night, Macro, Light Trace, Live Panorama. Dengan fitur ini anda bisa membuat berbagai kreasi photo, sehingga photo-photo anda semakin menarik dan bisa membuat kagum teman-teman anda jika anda tampilkan di Facebook atau Twitter.

Spesifikasi Samsung WB1100F:

- Image Sensor : 16.2 effective megapixel CCD sensor
- Display: 75.0mm (3.0-inch) HVGA LCD screen
- ISO: Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
- Image: JPEG format 16M, 14MP, 12MW, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2MW, 1M
- Video: HD Video Recording (1280/720/ 30fp), 640?480 (30fps), 240 web
- Video Output: AV
- Lens : 35x Optical Zoom Lens, 25mm Wide angle, F3.0(W) ~ 5.9(T)
- ISL: Dual IS: OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) + DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
- Value-added Features: Tag & Go (NFC/Wi-Fi) : Photo Beam, AutoShare, Remote View Finder,   Mobile Link
- SMART Mode : Beauty Face, Action Freeze, Sunset, Landscape, Silhouette, Fireworks, Night, Macro, Light Trace, Live Panorama
- Speed Control key: Wi-Fi Connectivity, Photo Beam, AutoShare, Remote View Finder, Mobile Link, Group Share, SNS & Cloud, E-mail, Samsung Link, S/W Upgrade Notifier,
- Storage: SD (up to 2GB guaranteed), SDHC (up to 32GB guaranteed), SDXC (up to 64GB guaranteed)
- Battery: SLB-10A
- Dimension (WxHxD): 124.5 x 86.5 x 96 mm
- Weight: 462g (without battery)
Plus extra:  Bundle PC software: i-Launcher

Sebagai kamera prosumer, Samsung WB1100 apalagi telah dilengkapi lensa superzoom dan digital image stabilization, maka kamera ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk berlibur dan berbagai acara keluarga, hang-out dengan teman-teman, dan cocok pula untuk mendukung kegiatan bisnis atau acara di sekolah dan kampus. 
Samsung WB1100F, prosumer camera, digital image stabilization, superzoom camera, NFC, Wi-Fi, smartphone, tablet, new camera, new prosumer, creative filter, smart camera
                              Samsung WB1100F key features. Image: global.samsungtomorrow.

Samsung WB1100F hadir dengan sensor CCD beresolusi 16,2 megapixel yang menawarkan opsi ISO hingga 3.200 dan kemampuan rekam video dengan resolusi HD 720p. 

Dengan berbagai fitur pada kamera ini, pengguna akan semakin mudah untuk berkreasi dan bisa memanfaatkan fitur Wi-Fi dan NFC untuk mentransfer photo ke perangkat lain, dan tentu saja bisa memajang berbagai photo ke jejaring media sosial seperti Facebook atau Twitter dengan mudah.  

Selain kamera prosumer ini, Samsung juga menghadirkan Samsung WB35F dan Samsung WB50F dengan rentang zoom yang lebih pendek. Semua seri kamera ini akan bersaing dengan produk serupa dari Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Canon dan merek lain seperti Pentax atau Kodak.

Understanding the sensor size and pixel density in a digital camera

If you have plans to buy a prosumer camera or other types of cameras such as compact cameras, digital SLR cameras or mirrorless camera, then you will be prompted to choose the brand, sensor size  or pixel density.
sensor size, pixel density, new camera, prosumer camera, mirrorless camera, DSLR camera
Many kind of digital camera ready for you. Image:
Sensor size and pixel density is usually to describe the picture quality of a camera that will be generated. But you should not be too easily influenced by myths sensor size you want. The size of at least 10 megapixel sensor is very good for producing images with bright and sharp picture.

Ketika anda membeli kamera digital, apapun jenis kamera yang akan anda pilih, baik kamera prosumer, kamera Digital SLR, kamera kompak atau kamera mirrorless, biasanya penjaga toko akan membujuk anda untuk membeli kamera dengan ukuran sensor yang besar dan kepadatan pixel yang lebih rapat. Namun rayuan itu ada benarnya walaupun anda tidak selalu tergoda dengan bujukan itu.

Kamera digital  dengan sensor besar atau jumlah pixel yang semakin rapat tentu sangat berguna  ketika anda mencetak foto dalam ukuran sangat besar, misalnya dalam ukuran poster, back drop,  dan kebutuhan lainnya seperti membuat spanduk untuk kampanye pemilu, pilkada atau pilkades. Wah, kalau banyak dapat pesanan spanduk, anda akan lebih kaya. Atau anda sudah mencalonkan diri sebagai calon legislator?

Kesalahan pahaman

Fujifilm HS20 EXR kamera prosumer dengan lensa superzoom

Hi, if you're looking for a new Prosumer camera? If you are confused, you can try, which owns Fujifilm superzoom cameras, and perfect for holiday and various activities, and anyway has been equipped with many features and enhanced Full HD video and panorama feature. Fujifilm HS20 EXR is the right choice for many events.

Fujifilm HS20 EXR kamera prosumer cocok untuk santai dan liburan
Fujifilm HS20 EXR, kamera prosumer, superzoom camera, Full HD video, panorama mode, kamera DSLR, prosumer camera
Fujifilm HS20 EXR kamera prosumer dengan lensa superzoom. Image:

Jika anda sedang mencari kamera untuk liburan atau santai, maka anda bisa memilih kamera Prosumer merek  FUJIFILM FinePix HS20 EXR dengan sensor  16 Megapiksel, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 30x Optical Zoom, 20 MB Internal Memory, SD/SDHC/SDXC(UHS-I) Card Slot, 3.0" TFT Color LCD. Kamera prosumer  asli Jepang ini merupakan kamera praktis dan efisien yang bisa diandalkan untuk fotografi sehari-hari, mulai dari memotret makro, landscape, hingga foto tele di alam terbuka.

Kamera Prosumer dari Fujifilm ini direkomendasikan untuk para fotografer pemula. Kamera ini adalah gabungan dari dua jenis kamera yaitu kamera saku dan kamera DSLR. Selain Fuji FinePix HS20 EXR anda juga bisa memilih kamera prosumer seperti CANON PowerShot SX40 HS. Spesifikasi kamera Canon ini adalah: Lensa dengan resolusi 12.1 Megapiksel, Full HD(1920 x 1080), 35x Optical Zoom, 4x Digital Zoom, SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot, 2.7" TFT Color Vari-Angel LCD. Memang rentang zoom kamera ini lebih panjang dari pada Fuji FinePix HS20, namun kedua kamera prosumer ini memiliki spesifikasi yang bagus untuk berbagai kondisi pemotretan, sehingga anda tidak perlu membawa kamera DSLR yang berat, dan tentu saja lebih mahal.

Kamera praktis untuk aneka kegiatan

Memilih Nikon D5300 atau Canon EOS 700D

If you are still confused to choose a DSLR camera Canon or Nikon's creation, then you can compare with the Nikon D5300 to Canon EOS 700S. Both are entry-level class camera, but has features and upscale camera technology. You can choose whichever sophisticated because both cameras are sold at affordable prices.
Nikon D5300 vs Canon EOS 700D, NIkon VS Canon, DSLR camera, new camera, Full HD Video, DSLR entry-level
Nikon D5300 vs Canon EOS 700D. Image:

Apakah anda punya rencana untuk membeli kamera digital baru dalam waktu dekat ini? Barangkali anda ingin langsung memilih kamera DSLR, dan membuang impian untuk memiliki kamera Prosumer atau kamera mirrorless dan kamera saku. Anda ingin segera merasakan nikmatnya kamera yang lebih profesional. Untuk itu anda perlu mengetahui dari mana anda harus memulai, katakanlah merek apa yang ingin anda pilih, apakah Canon atau Nikon? Padahal di luar itu ada merek lain seperti Pentax, Sony atau Olympus, bahkan ada kamera DSLR yang diproduksi oleh Sigma. 

Baiklah, karena Nikon dan Canon punya pengaruh besar pada photographer pemula maupun profesional, maka pada kesempatan ini kita mulai saja membandingkan kamera yang cukup baru, Canon EOS 700D dan Nikon D5300. Apakah anda merasa cocok dengan merek ini?

Apakah anda terpengaruh dengan persaingan Canon dan Nikon?